Olympus XZ-1

Olympus announced two new cameras today. The new Pen E-PL2 and the Point&Shoot XZ-1. I was waiting for the XZ-1 for months now. Looks like a winner! Back in August 2010 I mentioned the Canon S95 as my dream Point&Shoot camera, but then I heard the first rumors about the new Olympus and waited... The XZ-1 seems like a suped-up Canon S95 with both front and back dials plus a faster lens, pop-up flash, accessory port and 720p video. This is how I like it :)
Since my double broken FX35 I haven't bought a Point&Shoot camera and really miss one often. The only thing which bothers me on the XZ-1 is its size. There are more great P&S cameras out there like the LX5 or the Ricoh GX series, but those are all just to big for me... I like it slim. Sadly the XZ-1 isn't that slim either as you can see here. It appears that we definitively can’t get everything... (Like the XZ-1 features in a slim S95 body.)

Olympus XZ-1

There is also a waterhousing available for the XZ-1.

First XZ-1 video:


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