San Francisco Snaps

This November I had a blast in San Francisco! I was there for the Ripcurl Search event to cover it for our show. All shot with a Olympus mjuII (they call it "Stylus Epic" in the US) on some Konica VX100 and some no-name Walgreens film. Love the organic quality of film (even of the cheapest one). Check out the whole set on myFlickr!

winter flashbacks, season 2010/11

I did edit a short little recap-clip of some last season shredding at home in Austria.
Fun times with my friends! There is a little bit more info on Vimeo.
Enjoy! :)

Tipping Barrels

A beautiful short about the Great Bear Rainforest and the issues confronting it.
A great combination of surfing and environmental journalism!

Featured on Surfers Mag

Check out a little interview with me (german only) on the Surfers Magazin website.


Thanks to SurfersMag for hitting me up!

Google+ Page

After Facebook I put this "page-thing" on Google+ too. Put me in your circles!
I will focus more on those pages than on my personal profiles...