Published in the Escapes Panama Magazine

The Escapes Panama magazine focuses on promoting Panamanian tourism and culture. It is the official publication of Air Panama, which flies the entire country and Costa Rica. The magazine is distributed in airports, hotels, tourism agencies, restaurants, pharmacies and more. In their last edition they included an article about the panamanian pollera. The magazine is published in both English and Spanish.

See the original photo on myFlickr here.

This one is funny. They photoshoped it and want you to find seven differences...

Kustom Airstrike

"The Kustom Airstrike is the worlds richest aerial surfing event, putting up a USD$50.000 incentive for one crazy air."

Chris ‘Chippa’ Wilson weighs in with ‘Big Spin’ from Kustom Airstrike on Vimeo.

Check out all the entries here. So sick!
There's a few days left. Lets see if someone (Josh Kerr???) will stick that 720°...

Fiberglass and Megapixels

I need to see this one!

Stumbled over it on and I'm surprised as well that I haven't heard anything about the movie yet. Won tons of awards! The trailer looks awesome. Read the review on Dan Carr's site if you are curious. Finally a movie about the photo- & cinematographers out there...

FIBERGLASS AND MEGAPIXELS - Trailer from Sandy Beach Productions on Vimeo.

Check out for more information, reviews and other stuff!

Morocco photographs

Alright I managed it to upload all Morocco photographs onto my flickr.
Check them out! Maybe as a slideshow?

Some of my favorites...

Indonesia updates coming soon...

Vitaly Kiselev Interview (the GH1/GF1 hacker) had the pleasure to interview the famous GH-1/GF-1 hacker Vitaly Kiselev aka tester13.

A good read, I recommend it to everyone interested in filmmaking with VDSLRs. Personally I haven't found time to hack my GH-1 yet, but I will for sure. My next project will be at least in 50mbps/4:2:2 instead of the shipped 17mbps/4:0:0 ;) Can't wait for that.

Vitaly Kiselev...
...about the potential of the GH-1:
"I mean that Panasonic amazingly lost the VDSLR battle to Canon, having a much better camera. :-)"
...about the Fullframe Canons:
"... All this FF fans really need ideas for their films, not shallow DOF."

Read the whole interview here. screenshot

On my last trip to Indonesia I was still filming with my unhacked GH-1. Got some really cool footage. Luke and me also mount one of those small GoPro cameras on our surfboard on some surfsessions. This looks superfun. Can't wait to show it to you guys! I started already working on the movie. Sorting footage, transcoding and so on. I think this is going to be a fun little tripmovie.
With that said there should be a firmware update out soon for the GoPro HDs as well. 24fps, 25fps and 50fps ist waiting, and maybe some codec improvements. Who knows? I'm looking forward to that update. It's just such a fun little camera to play with.

Hmm what else? Maybe Canon just released my dream point&shoot camera, the Powershot S95. It has almost everything I was missing on the prior model the S90. Heavy price though ... but as always it will drop soon. I have to check it out.

Mickey Smith – again.

Love it! No comment.

Back again...

Alright, back in Austria since two days. Feels like I was not really on a trip for two months. Same same here. Though there are some new things I'll blog about soon... It's good to see family and friends again, but I miss the ocean already. Luke and me had a really good time in Indonesia. We were productive as well and a little tripmovie is coming sometime in the next few months. I have a really good feeling about it :) Can't wait to start working on it.
But before I'll start on this one I have to process and upload some more pictures from our Morocco trip in March this year - there are some sick ones missing...
Can't wait for the next trip! :P
There are already some sweet destinations in my mind...

My fellows from Bubbles&Bones were productive as hell too. Andy & Tom are rocking London supergood. I have to visit them soon. Check out Andys latest shirt and buy one here! I saw some updates on our website and blog too. Nice!!!
Andy, a multitalent he is, stated a nice blog about his surfboard shaping passion. As green as possible!!! Check all the good stuff out here!

Screenshot of Flagg Silver Surfboards

Last but not least I spotted this one, can't believe it ;) Yeah Larry - keep this running and have a good time in Indonesia the next four weeks! Pull in!!! :)

Rapanui Clothing

Just on that day when I left for Indonesia, Joe from Rapanui Clothing contacted me about featuring their stuff on my blog. Love their approach - so here we go! Please check out their stuff and support them! This is the right direction!!! Yeah!

Rapanui is an Eco-Fashion company from the Isle of Wight, that makes Organic, Ethical clothing using Renewable Energy with award-winning traceability. Check out worlds first complete ‘Traceability’ tool, whereby users can trace the entire journey of any garment on their site from seed to shelf.

Website Screenshot

“The idea is to educate our customers about where their clothes come from and exactly how it was made so that they can be empowered to make an informed decision as shoppers” said Co-Founder Rob Drake-Knight “at Rapanui we have a passion to be a success for doing business the right way”

Please read their About site on how they got started, pretty awesome!

Co-founder and director of sustainability Mart Drake-Knight said:
“To us it’s not just about clothes it’s about wearing what you believe in, As surfers we know that people relate to nature in different ways and we want to inspire people to think about the environment in their wider lifestyle.”

Rob and Mart Drake-Knight
Let's work together soon boys!!!

Indonesia 2010

Hi folks!

Yeah I know it was a bit quite here lately... But that's because I'm in Indonesia with my buddy Luke since the mid of June. We have just a few days left. At home I'm gonna update this blog more often again :)

What was going on in Indo till now:

- Sick Waves
- Lots of fun
- New friends
- Lots of pancakes and juices
- Good and funny footage
- Snapped board
- Broken fin
- Two broken leashes

Some impressions:

Luke and me

A train hit me a second later ;)

UPDATE: 6:00pm
- Another broken fin