The Present

"The Present" is the new and third flick of filmmaking-genius Thomas Campell. After "The Sleeding" and his amazing "Sprout" which are focused on surfing Longboards/Retrofishs/Eggs in an "60s/70s no competition"-attitude, his third movie covers all aspects of surfing. Check out the trailer, it´s just wonderful...

Bodysurfing in "The Present"


Two commercials which caught my eye recently:

Honda Fury. Great analog feeling...

Wilson Sports by Favorite Color. Awesome mellow flow...

Big Machine Reel 2009

Stumbled upon the Big Machine 2009 Reel. Pretty nice Intro!!!

Chase Burns - Stretching The Canvas

found this unique introduction of himself and his movie via bogus blog. Chase Burns is a filmmaker from from Phillip Island, Victoria (Australia). I love his style and I love his approach to make something different than the usual surffilm. When making this film he was inspired by Crystal Castles a band I felt in love with when I was living in LA...

More information about Chase Burns here.


Since a week now I´m here in Salzburg for a job. Two more weeks left...
Straight after that´s done I´m heading over to Central America
for two months. Yeah! I can already smell the ocean... :)

View from our pretty sweet apartment here in Salzburg.
No it´s not Rio... and yes it´s our pool ;)

Oh.. and here´s a little clip from the OFFF Festival 09. Find me!

Minds In The Water - Visual Petition

Head over to and join the petition against killing Whales and Dolphins initiated by Dave Rastovich.

Click here or on the flyer for mor information.

Julia and me already joined.
"If a picture tells a thousand words, then we will be presenting the world with billions of statements from the surf culture, proclaiming our firm desire to see an end to all killing of Whales and Dolphins. The Visual Petition also presents the unique faces of those who are willing to be known as defenders of the ocean." -



Watched that movie yesterday and can highly recommend it!!! It is available for free (until 14th June!!!) in several languages & high quality on youtube.

More links:
Good Planet group on facebook.
Become a fan of HOME on facebook.

New green set on flickr...

Two days ago Julia and me went out to the "Grüner See" (Green Lake). It´s one of the most beautiful place I know so I took my FX-35 with me and captured some of this beautiness... Head over to myFlickr to see the pictures.

Random Panama Surf

Found that one when looking for Panama videos on Vimeo. Nice waves and the guys really killed it! Only one month left... can´t wait :)

Pierre Wikberg

Pierre Wikberg revolutionized the snow-movie business back in 2001 when working with the Robot Food crew. His filming style and approach to show the riders was extremly fresh. Until this time I was thinking that "Simple Pleasures" 1997 & "Decade" 1998 by MDP were THE movies :)
But Pierre put the whole thing to the next level. Today I still love his old movies. Makes me wanna go on the mountains.

Check out this clip Pierre edited together in 2002.

Most of the footage is from :
Sensored - A film he did with Daniel Franck.
Transcendence - Absinthe´s 2001 release.
Afterbang - First Robot Food movie from 2002

Check out his blog, flickr and twitter (I´m not really into that ;))
Interviews here, here & here.

Awesome album with nostalgic clips on Vimeo by Pierre. I personally love Peter Line´s run back in 1994 :)

Today he is filming with DC and working on a full lenght video.

Fake Holga

Some nature stuff on myFlickr again! I was just biking in the wood.
Back at home while browsing the web I found this nice PS action done by deviantart user rawimage. It simulates a Holga. Pretty sweet. Good job rawimage! :)

I know it´s not the real thing... but it´s fun, so whatever...
He also put some Polaroid actions together.

Yimmys Yayo

Found this on Ykers blog who found it at Yimmys Yayo Tumblr who again collects some pretty interesting stuff. Click through his archive too.

Sergio Bambaren

This guy is one inspiration for my planed "travel-surf movie". I just love his book "Thoughts by the Ocean". It´s so easy to read with really strong messages. When I read the book I felt like he just copied some of his words directly out of my head... :)

There is also a short video online where he is talking about his first book "The Dolphin. Story of a Dreamer"
They also making an animation movie about this book. Not sure if this is a good idea because people have their own visuals in their heads. (Yeah I know that´s an old "book-movie issue"...) For some reason I don´t like the trailers. I don´t like the style...

Sergio Bambaren interviewed:
Part 1, Part 2, Part 3, Part 4

The Spot by Quiksilver

Check out this nice presentation concept by quiksilver. Make sure you keep watching past the first 15 seconds. Creative and entertaining!

Vintage home

A new set on my flickr. This is where I live. Just the ocean is missing ;)

Irene Lamprakou

Lovely colors and photos by Irene Lamprakou.

FX-35 in the nature

I was just riding my bike yesterday and took my FX-35 with me. Check out the little set on flickr.

Sliding Liberia...

There are more trailers on youtube here and here.
All about the movie and more on their website

I´m gonna order my copy right now!