Featured on The Magic Bus

Today I got a message on my Flickr from Maddie Joyce telling me that I (and my buddy Luke of course) got featured on her growing blog "The Magic Bus". That's sweet! I really dig her blog and photographs too. We share the same passion and attitude towards life I guess :) Thanks Maddie!

Screenshot "The Magic Bus Collective"

"The magic bus is a growing collection of inspiring and enchanting images from around the globe, capturing the ocean and those who live to be in it. The bus is ever expanding as more wild folk jump on board to share their art with the world. It is constantly moving, picking up wonderful characters and artists along the way and taking you to incredible places where creation is bountiful and the waves are perfect."

I have still some pictures left to upload from our Indonesia trip last summer... After that there are already lots of other shots waiting to get featured on my flickr ;)
And of course... the Indo Movie Project!

Here are some more of my favorite Indo shots (by Luke & me):


January 4, 2011 at 5:39:00 AM GMT+1 VinaMist said...

Love your photos posted on "The Magic Bus". Thank you for sharing your adventures. I am envious and want to take photos of far off places with my camera :)


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