I got this old vintage lens recently and yesterday I used it for the first time. This was a spontaneous five minute project (I refuse to write "test") without a concept at all. I tried to give it a filmic feel and I'm quite happy with the outcome.

"Julia" from Roman Königshofer | rawmeyn on Vimeo.

GH1(3) & Pentacon 29mm/f2.8 (720p/50fps with a shutter of 1/100 mostly at f2.8)
Lensflaring and lens wacking :)
I slightly denoised the footage and did some minor color correction, added little diffusion, put a tiny bit of yellow in to the highlights and blue in to the shadows & added some film grain.
All done in a 32bit comp in After Effects.

As always I recommend to download the source file on Vimeo for best quality visuals (though the compression still kills a lot of lovely grain).

Music: Air - Alone In Kyoto

Here are some fullres stills:

Now it's time to work on on my little Indonesia flick. Oh and I already started to upload some photographs of Puerto Rico on my Flickr...


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