"The End"

Chris posted this a few days ago on facebook, yesterday I watched it and today I just have to post it here also. "The End" is the last portion of a PSST!3 short by Thomas Schmid and Joeseph Mullen, both working at Buck. I love that mix of stop motion and cel animation. Awesome guys!!!

Watch a better quality quicktime here.

1970s At the Newsstand

My girl Julia loves almost everything about the 1970s. She bought this book recently and I was skimming through it yesterday. The Lui Covers catched my eye immediately. I like those three a lot but check out this huge online collection.


One part of my graduation a month back was the subject Lubalin. Herb Lubalin was one of the most influent Typographer & Graphic Designer of the 20th century. By doing some research I stumbled over this great collection of his work. Check out some of his Avantgarde and Fact: covers and much more...

Phil updates

...with new work and site. Nice buddie!


Ely Kim shows us his amazing dancing skillz!!! Thanks for the link Dimi!

BOOMBOX from Ely Kim on Vimeo.

A pool of balloons

Wow, this first drop-in looks sooo much fun!!! Bob Burnquist doing a clip for the Nestlé Aero. Head over to fubiz.net and check out the video.


Since a week now I´m working here in Salzburg/Austria for two weeks. This weekend I met up with my shredbuddy Hansi to go snowboarding. We had an awesome time. Hansi owns a Nikon D60 so I took some photos of him riding. Some of them are on myFlickr. Check them out...

Blunt by Hansi

Hansi checking it...

Morocco surftrip photographs

I´m a little bit busy these days, but finally I managed it to upload all the photos of our Morocco trip at myFlickr. We never got so much (surf-)shots out of such a short trip. Thanks a lot Lukas! Browse through them and leave comments :)

Maybe you wanna go for a slideshow?