The Baisc

Saw "The B" last night. Pretty impressive riding and cinematography!
Mr. Kremer did an amazing job...

The Basic Teaser from Brad Kremer on Vimeo.
oh yeah, tilt shift is soo gnarly right now :)

Rudi Wyhlidal

Check out Rudi's Photography.
Pretty nice stuff! Makes me wanna go out on the mountain now!!!

Check out his blog as well!

So true...

"There is a point in every person´s life when they must choose to follow their dreams or be stuck in the life they fear."

The Drifter - Behind the Scenes

My buddy Miro pointed me to this one. Thanks for that man!


Check out the tube!




Love the approach!

“I wanted to get back to solitude, adventure, and new descents,” Jeremy Jones said. “By hiking past boundaries set in place by helis and snowmobiles we were able to get into bigger mountains, away from people and back to first descents.


Lights Out, Camera, Action: Nocturne
This was amaaazing!!!
Read first and then watch the movie.

GoPro HD - Yeah!

WOha! I just saw that they gonna ship the GoPro HD at the end of this month. That´s it what I was waiting for! I was always thinking about buying this cam, but never did because of the low resolution... but now it´s HD. Nice! It even does 60fps at 720P!!! (all for just 270$) Good in conjunction with my GH1. I really wanna do more movie projects in future...

Check out the GoPro Gallery for some movies. I recommend watching the Surf Movie :)

Alright, enough GoPro madness. Other 'news' are that I started working on my little Panama movie. I just logged and transfered all the footage to behonest but I´m busy at work right now and the next weeks so I´m able to work on my stuff just on weekends. And then there is a thing called life ;) But I´m motivated to finish this little flick soon so I can start with new projects. There are lots of ideas in my mind. Can´t wait to try everything out... And we have already some snow here in Austria, so let´s shred soon!!!


I just updated the Photography section on my Website with some of my favorite shots from the last trip.

This little man was amazing. He was playing aroung with this piece of styrofoam for quite a long time and seems like the happiest kid on earth. He was boxing it, kicking it, surfing it, catching it... he did everything with it! Always with a smile in his face... After some time he saw me taking pictures, smiled at me and continued undisturbed playing around. Great example for being happy with almost nothing... :)

Find some more pictures of him at my Flickr set. I recommend using the Slideshow function at Flickr so you can go fullscreen if you want to.

Nicktoons by Roger

Wohaa!! Pretty sick rebranding of Nicktoons bei Roger. Check it!!!


I uploaded over 650 photos on my flickr. All from our surftrip to Panama (& Costa Rica).

Click the "thumbnail" for a fullres preview :)

Alright, let´s edit some moving images now...

"Sometimes when you’re most alone, you’re not alone at all."

"The Drifter", Rob Machado, Tylor Steele.

Looove this!!!

DVS Skate & Create 2009 Feature from DVS Shoe Company on Vimeo.

DVS proudly presents its official entry for Transworld Skateboarding's 2009 Skate & Create contest. To see more footage and photos from this years contest, please visit

Director-Colin Kennedy
Director of Photography-Marc Ritzema
Art Director-Matthew Deak
Editor-Colin Kennedy
Visual Effects-Ryan Marcus

Air Castles
"Broken Watches"
Night And Day EP
Winter Hymns Records

Just saw this nice piece...

Universiteit Twente from Buro Knapzak on Vimeo.

Still here

Hi there!
I´m not dead, just pretty busy lately... ;)
Most of the time I´m in Salzburg/Austria right now working on various design & animation projects for a new TV Channel released by Red Bull.
Besides that I managed it to do the postproduction of approximately 600 surftrip-photos. Uploading them Flickr right now. I'm gonna post a link to the whole set soon. Next personal project is my little Tripmovie which exists only in my head till now. ;)
More soon...