A documentary by Rob Stewart. I´m speechless.
Movie Synopsis here.
Shark Education here.

Warren Bolster

Interview with Surf Photographer Warren Bolster from The Surfer's Journal on Vimeo.

Vintage footage from late surf photography pioneer, Warren Bolster. Warren was a camera board developer as well as a renowned surf and skateboarding documentarian.

Nice building

Originally uploaded by jmrrr
Found that by accident on flickr today. Pretty awesome architecture!!!

Shaun White pushing it!!!

with Back To Back Double Corks!

TTR- Shaun White Hits Back To Back Double Corks @ NZ Open 09 from ttrworldtour on Vimeo.

"Shaun White winning the New Zealand Open 2009 Halfpipe Finals with back to back double corks. This is one of the best halfpipe run ever performed on a snowboard. Frontside lien air, to backside 900 melon, followed by a frontside 1080 stalefish, into a Cab double cork 1080 stalefish, to frontside double cork 900. If you doubt that Shaun White might be one of the best pipe rider in the world then watch this clip and be amazed!"

Stuff done by friends

I´m back at home for a few days now. For sure I gotta check out what was going in the last two months, also in the world of design. I just saw a very nice presentation movie for "Urban TV" a new Music TV Channel by Universal Music done by my friends at Eat My Dear in Vienna. Though it reminds me a little bit on their MTV Brandstory movie (maybe because of the sphere or because all the action is going on very centered with almost no camera movement) I really like it. Cool work guys!
Check out the movie on their website!

Screenshot: "Urban TV" by Eat My Dear

Then there is a nice intro for the upcoming Nutchriders (a local austrian skatecrew) skateflick done by Simon Griesser. This one turned out great too!
Click here to see it on his website!

Screenshot: "All you can hate" by Simon Griesser

And then there is my old shreddbuddy Pole. He dropped really deep into photography over the last years at gets better every day.
Check out his work: Erwin Polanc Portfolio!

Screenshot: Erwin Polanc Website

Group add

Vimeo user Versa, who btw has some awesome work online, added my reel to his group called "must see demoreels". Thanks man, I appreciate that! :)

Inspirational found

One year on foot - 4646km through China!

Check out the additional info on the vimeo page.

Btw I started uploading the first photos of my Central America journey on Flickr. That's just the beginning... :)

Back in town

I´m back in Austria since yesterday and I already miss the ocean. We had some good last days in Dominical/Costa Rica. The swell was on! 6-11 Feet! Good times!
All in all the whole trip was awesome. Nice people everywhere. We spend about six weeks in Panama and two in Costa Rica. I love both countries. I fucking love Panama because I got my first barrels there haha... but that´s not the only reason, Panama and it´s people are enriching in every sense. The locals have almost nothing but the live their life happier than most of the people I know in Europe or the States, especially the kids and surfing kids. I enjoyed some good sessions with them.
Maybe I dropped one of those kids unintentional because my iPod was just gone the other day in Santa Catalina. Actually that wouldn´t be a big issue if I didn´t use it to record my interviews for my movie. I use the iPod with an external mic. So the good quality sound is gone which sucks! So I´m not sure in which direction the movie will turn now... I captured some nice shots though. At least there will be a kind of "Central America Impressions" movie coming soon :)
Another highlight of the trip was snorkeling with white tip reef sharks. The bigger ones were about five feet big. They came really close; swimming like three feet next to you. It was just beautiful!!! I wish Hari wouldn´t have dropped his camera on the third day of his trip so we could have captured some shots with the watercase. When he showed me the broken cam I was like "Damn man, this will change my movie totally!". No watershots... horrible! No surfers perspective, no underwater shots, nothing...
But whatever, you always have to make the best out of what you have.
Finally I have to say it was another sick trip I won´t miss! I love traveling and surfing and will do it my whole life...

Photographs coming sooner than the movie, I´m already developing some in Lightroom (see screenshot).