Two online surf flicks...

Hidden Sea and the Pyramid of Fire
I was looking forward to see this movie since I heard about it for the first time. When reading about who is part of the crew and where they are going, I was expecting a bomb! :)
I watched it yesterday and really did like it. Great travels, great surfing, some insight and an amazing landscape! I guess every surf traveler would love to do the same... So safe up a shitload of money for that huge off-road camper van, the helicopter, high class camping gear, learn some russian and just go! ;)
Coldwatertrips are definitely part of my next travels!

Hidden Sea and the Pyramid of Fire from SURFER Magazine on Vimeo.

Under The Weather - Surfing in New Zealand

I was posting the teaser a few weeks ago. I would have loved to see more of New Zealand itself and some more interviews & storyline. In the middle of the movie there is a little bit of it, but in my opinion it's not enough. But the movie proofs that there are tons of uncrowded waves in NZ which is good, haha! Great surfing too! I always liked the kiwis who I meet while traveling around - always nice people to hang out with!

Under The Weather - Surfing in New Zealand from Damon Meade on Vimeo.

Jake Blauvelt Naturally

F.CK Yeah! And how I love it!

Jake Blauvelt Naturally - THE TRAILER (2013) from Friday on Vimeo.

El Salvador - Nicaragua - Austria

Alright, that's really the last post related to the Central America trip we did last summer ;) I just finished uploading all the pictures on my Flickr, see some of my favorites below. As always everything was shot with a little Point&Shoot camera, the Yashica T4 on Kodak Portra 400. It was a great time!
And here's the little edit from the very beginning of this trip. That's all the video footage we have, so to get a better picture of the whole trip I would recommend checking out the flickr set.
Direct link to the video:

Traveling northern Nica... from Roman Königshofer | rawmeyn on Vimeo.


I can't wait for the next trip! :)

Vincent Colliard

When filming with Léa for OYS I also got to know her boyfriend Vincent. Both were super friendly and very interesting characters. They just put a new website online where I found that little video of Vincent. It really inspired me.

Vincent Colliard from simple-voyage on Vimeo.

More El Salvador

We had a really good time there. And I always appreciate it way more when I am back at home. I'm so thankful that I can live a life like this.

As most of you guys know we didn't film a lot like back in 2010 in Indo. But I have some traveling footage (no surf at all) from the first two to three weeks in northern Nica. So a very short edit will be online soon. It's actually just for us to remember the good times :)

Shot with a Yashica T4 on Kodak Portra 400.
These are some of my favorites:

More pictures on my Flickr Stream. Thanks!

El Salvador

Some new traveling photos. From Nica to El Salvador.
Shot with a Yashica T4 on Kodak Portra 400.
Here are some favorites; more in my Stream.

Requiem 2019

The last remaining blue whale comes eye to eye with its only enemy; mankind.

The film was directed by Rutger Hauer & Sil van der Woerd, who felt an urge to bring attention to the ongoing whaling. If you love whales and oceans like we do, please share this film!

Requiem 2019 from Sil van der Woerd on Vimeo.

Progress in Surfing - Julian Wilson in Indosnesia

Usually I check Dane's site for some mindblowing surfing, but there are just so many Surfers
out there who push the limits today. Check out this little clip of Julian:

INDONESIA from Julian Wilson on Vimeo.

Under The Weather - Teaser

This one looks great! A New Zealand surftrip is cruising around in my head since a long time but until now the time was just not right... It's supposed to be a place with the most uncrowded perfect waves I was told. So I'm looking forward to watch this free movie on next month!

Under The Weather - Teaser from Damon Meade on Vimeo.

It's your life!!!

Three minutes which can change your life :)
Listen - learn - do!

I'm freaking happy to say that I didn't do too many compromises in my life so far...
Take risks & don't waste your talent!

More Nica

I am still on the road with our project The Old, The Young & The Sea. That's why I don't
hang out infront of the screen much lately, which is nice, but also results in almost no
updates on this blog ;)
So all I can give you is: More Nica - shot with a Yashica T4 on Kodak Portra 400.

Nica - again & again...

More nice shots, what else? ;)
Check my flickr!
Shot with a Yashica T4 on Kodak Portra 400.