«lla yhennik» Trailer

Finally online! Check it out! Feedback is always welcome :)
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or just grab it here.

More information on our Bubbles & Bones blog or on the vimeo site.

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The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water

"The Cycle of Insanity: The Real Story of Water is a short, animated film made by a collaboration of creative and dedicated volunteers at the Surfrider Foundation. Several local Surfrider Foundation chapters combined their talents and funds to create the film -- and then actor Zuleikha Robinson of Lost, generously agreed to narrate it.

The premise of the film is that the water cycle we all learned about in the 4th grade has been dramatically altered over time, leaving us with a broken system that wastes water and energy, pollutes our natural waterways, harms critical marine life, and poorly deals with flooding and other water management problems.

The film serves to take a holistic look at water management, highlight controversial problems, and suggest solutions that integrate multiple economic and environmental benefits. The intended audience includes entire communities: from homeowners and the general public, to public agencies and elected government officials."


Full movie: (soooo worth watching!!!)

more information: knowyourh2o.org

Mike Prickett - Water Cinematographer

North Shore-based filmer Mike Prickett.

More impressive and beautiful work on his website prickettfilms.com He was also filming for the IMAX movie with Mr. Slater. Check out the video on his about site.

Via surfersjournal.com

Rodney Charters talks about DSLRs, Alexa and RED

Great Interview for all guys interested in filmmaking, cameras & capturing light in general...

Rodney Charters Interview

Rodney Charters Cinematographer
ALEXA / arridigital.com
Panavision Lenses
Canon listening? SDI out, less compression?

Alright, so Kelly made it into IMAX 3D...

Hmmm... not sure what to expect.


I found this in my RSS reader today and love it. So I'm just gonna repost Nathan Oldfields blogentry because everything is already said in it and I agree 100%. Tight camerawork and editing as well!

Scrapertown from California is a place. on Vimeo.

"This is pure inspiration.

This short reminds me of a favourite quote from Lauryn Hill: "That's what praising God is all about, it's doing your passion, fulfilling your passion. You know, that's how we are are thankful, that's how we say we appreciate the opportunity to be alive."

I'm always touched by people pursuing the things that stir their hearts. What else in this short life is so worthy?"

Summer Pasture

I wanna see this. Please bring it to Europe or put it online somewhere :)

"Summer Pasture a.k.a. A Nomad's Life is a feature-length documentary that chronicles one summer with a young family amidst this period of great uncertainty. Locho, his wife Yama, and their infant daughter, nicknamed Jiatomah (“pale chubby girl”), spend the summer months in eastern Tibet's Zachukha grasslands, an area known as Wu-Zui or “5-Most,” – the highest, coldest, poorest, largest, and most remote county in Sichuan Province, China."

via nofilmschool.com (click it for an interview with the directors!!!)


More of 180° South

Some interviews of the cast and crew of "180 Degrees South" at the premiere in Santa Barbara.

"I think this movie has a good message, and it's something I think a lot of young people need to hear right now." Yvon Chouinard.

Cool article:
Cinematographer Danny Moder talks about shooting "180 Degrees South".

I really can't wait for that film!!!

Our Today is Forever

Found this over at Plastic Pollution Coalition on facebook.
A short montage by Stephen Thomson. It's truely heartbreaking.

Somewhere Near Tapachula

WOW! I love projects like this one!

"Somewhere Near Tapachula is a truly inspiring story of love, life and hope. Set in Tapachula, Mexico, this documentary follows the stories of 54 children from lives of poverty, trauma and abuse, and their journey to Mision Mexico, a children's refuge founded by Australia couple Pam and Alan Skuse

It also focuses on the unique surf community that they have pioneered in Tapachula, a coastal city with no other wave riders.
The surfing experience has had a phenomenal impact on the children, creating an escape from their unimaginable pasts. The power of the ocean and solace of surfing is truly inspiring - "This might be the most important surf movie of our times" - quotes renowned surf author Tim Baker.

Somewhere Near Tapachula will challenge you with the important things in life, and open your eyes to the power of riding waves, whether you are a surfer or not.
This film is 100% non for profit, and all proceeds will be donated to Misiòn Mèxico Children's Refuge.

Directed by Stefan Hunt & Jonno Durrant."

Their blog.
Short interview with Pam Skuse and Stefan Hunt here.

Where is Tapachula?

David Griffin on storytelling

David Griffin, photo director for National Geographic – talking about how photography connects us. Some interesting points... makes me want to go out, travel, explore and of course taking photographs.

The 4th Revolution

I'm going to watch this in the next days. Can't wait!

"We know that we can do something.

Sun, wind, hydro and geothermal energy are natural sources accessible to everyone all over the world without making any difference. And they are renewable, free and available in the long run. Only the widespread knowledge about the possibilities of renewable energy can ignite an international movement and take the absolutely necessary energy transition. We need a quickly enlightening medium that conveys this knowledge comprehensible and compactly. This can be provided by a great documentary. We have made it.
Its title: THE 4TH REVOLUTION – EnergyAutonomy

The cinema documentary THE 4TH REVOLUTION – EnergyAutonomy describes the possibility to switch to 100% renewables within the next 30 years by telling the stories of its protagonists, a prominent environmental activist, Nobel laureates, innovative businessmen and politicians. It demonstrates the opportunities which will be provided by the energy revolution regarding the sustainable economic development and social and economic fairness.
For a start the film will be brought to German cinemas, accompanied by a campaign event around the cinema release in many different cities in Germany.
Its message: The transition is possible. The only precondition: We need to want it!"

THE 4TH REVOLUTION Theatrical Trailer (*.mov - 45 MB - 1.40min)
ENERGY AUTONOMY Community Trailer (*.mov - 64 MB - 8min, Right click & Safe target as... recommended)

In german:
DIE 4. REVOLUTION Kinotrailer (*.mov - 111 MB - 1.40min)
ENERGY AUTONOMY Community Trailer (*.mov - 116 MB - 8min, Right click & Safe target as... recommended)


found via biorama.at

facebook.com/4threvolution please share it!!!

Sony Camcorder in Development

Alright, so after Panasonics opened the game. Now I just saw this by Sony.
So where's Canons? :)

They better bring the Scarlet on the market soon...

More info here.

Random find... JOB #2

Just saw this one:

I posted about this movie when the first trailer was out. Actually the movie should already be
out... but I haven’t seen it for sale anywhere yet.
Maybe I should follow him on twitter. Sadly I'm so bad in it...

New old work

I just uploaded some older stuff on my website.
Two Servus TV opener done at the Red Bull Mediahouse last fall.


Music Nuggets

Talk im Hangar-7

Matt Meola

Wow! Someone got massive talent...

20 Year young goofyfoot from Maui.

His website.

More Morocco photos

Finally I managed it to upload some more photographys on myFlickr.
So go and check them out. Swell is on! :)

The World Wanderer Gregor Sieböck

I just finished a book about "The World Wanderer" Gregor Sieböck. He is an inspiring guy from Austria who walked around the world to present alternatives for simple and sustainable living.
I simply love it!

Sadly it's only available in German so far. Let's hope they gonna translate it into some other languages soon.
Recently there was also a documentary about his journey released. Done by schaller08.at Martin Hasenöhrl who visited Gregor several times with his videocamera. I have to order this one...

Just a short clip from the documentary (german only):

Trailer "DER WELTENWANDERER" from Martin Hasenöhrl on Vimeo.

"On foot around the world, a simple life in respect of nature and other living beings: Should that only be a dream? I have already been walking 17.500 km in three years to present alternatives for simple and sustainable living. Now I will continue, this time mostly together with good friends. This tour is dedicated to the CROSSROADS in our life. We are at a crossroads, because our consumption oriented lifestyle is reaching its limits. It is time to make an ecologically and socially responsible decision on which path to follow. How can that happen? If we decide to take the first step already today then we are on the right path."

Make your blog carbon neutral!

Stumbled upon this today. I think this is an awesome project!
It's easy, fast and free so please join! :)

carbon neutral coupons with kaufDA.de

“My blog is carbon neutral” is an initiative, originally started in Germany by the “Make it green” programme, that has the goal to reduce carbon dioxide emissions. We plant a tree for your blog and thereby neutralise your blog’s carbon footprint for the next 50 years! Everyone can make a small contribution to the environment. Every tree counts!

Rise Above Plastics

Learn here: riseaboveplastics.org
Animation done by Borders Perrin Norrander, who did already some other campaigns for Surfrider.

Screenshot of bpninc.com:

Home Is Where The Surf Is

Nice flick done by Branden Aroyan at Rincon.
Nice wavesharing somewhere in the midle of the movie. It's getting crowded sometimes but for some reason it doesn't bother me at all while watching it. Can't wait to get back in the water!!!

You can watch it in HD on Vimeo.

Just a short note...

There are just a very few people out there who fully understand my passions and what's me driving into a specific direction right now...

I bet today I got judged wrong by lots of people.

El Mar, Mi Alma (The Sea, My Soul)


Can't wait to travel Chile.