Already in Panama...

Hi Folks!

After some days at San Carlos/Panama at Russell Sough's house, we are now in Las Tablas. Today the Fiesta de La Pollera is going on here... beautiful girls in beautiful dresses! I'm gonna capture that...
BTW, things are good. I got a nice interview of Russell, one of the most interesting people I ever meet in person, if not the most interesting one. Got some nice other footage too... just the waves were missing for the last days. But I think positiv to get some nice water shots too in the next days. Also my "surfbro" ;) Hari aka Larry Smidbersky is arriving on the 26th... He's bringing a little gadget with him so we also can capture motion in the water, can't wait for him :)
The trip so far is great...
Las Tablas is great! Didn't see any (other) gringo person here yet! Yes!
The people here are friendy as hell!

Have a good one!

Hola from the ocean...

Hi there!

I`m in Costa Rica now for almost a week. Got some good waves in Dominical. It`s a nice place to get used to the climate and my new board :)
I`m also playing around with my GH1 a lot... got some nice shots of my girl Julia.
Tomorrow we are heading over to Panama. So that`s were I`m gonna start collecting footage for my little movie...
Life is good here! :)


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Jordy Smith´s Flip

Martin just send me the link to this little clip. IMPRESSIVE action by Jordy Smith! It´s really exciting to see where surfing is going... What´s next? Hardflips? ;)

Btw Martin is sitting next to me here at work and has some awesome action going on in his reel too. Check it out!