Down under ahead!

The next few days gonna be fun for sure! I'm off to the Goldcoast until the mid of March. Working on this years first episode of Surf Cronicles with good friends! Be prepared for lots of new stuff coming!

The latest ASP news are that Mr. Slater is competing too. And I bet lots of eyes are on the tour rookie Julian Wilson! If you have seen his Indonesia section on his flick "Scratching the surface" you know that he is one of the most talented guys out there...

And for sure I'm gonna catch some waves too... can't wait! ;)


I want to see this.

A Dingo's tale tells the journey of a young boy who grew up in a violent and unstable environment but was saved by the ocean and surfed his way to the top of the world.

Matt & Shagga's Blog - thanks for showing us around at the Gold Coast guys!

Puerto Rico on myFlickr

Just finished uploading the Puerto Rico photos on myFlickr. Have a look...

Sony HX9V

I never mentioned Sony when writing about my favorite digital compact cameras. Just now they released a great little camera, the DSC-HX9V. If you're into video too it's quite impressive! It can shoot 1080p at 60p and 24Mbit with a 24-380mm lens for $350! Not bad at all! Though it's not as fast as its competitors (Canon s95, Olympus XZ-1,...) it has a nice Exmor R™ CMOS sensor for low light shooting.


We already had some really good times on the mountain this season. Let's hope there is more snow coming in February. Check out some GoPro snapshots! Sometimes we film as well and maybe put together a little edit when the season is over...

Check out more pictures here!