Much more Morocco photographs & Indonesia next!!!

Alright, I managed it to upload lots of pictures from our last Maroc trip on myFlickr. If you have some minutes left head over and click the slideshow button. This trips was a real adventure.

Just a few of the new:

There is still more to come. Some more Taghazout and Atlas mountain footage. But you guys have to wait until mid august for that... because I'll spend my next two months surfing & traveling on some remote islands in Indonesia. Our flight is going tomorrow. Of course my camera stuff is packed. This should going to be EPIC!!! So you can bet that there is massive Indonesia stuff coming up in this blog in autumn...

Later guys!

More lla yhennik...

We got lots of good feedback for our little "lla yhennik" trailer. Cool that people like it. I think we have to travel back to Morocco to get some more wave/surf footage and capture some interviews. Can't wait for that. Let's hope we have a little bit more luck with the swell then. We will go earlier than march ;)
We want to have the movie finished in early 2011. Let's enter some festivals...

Check out some of the pages where the trailer was featured:

_Glidetrack Blog
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_and thanks also to Miro and Ivan :)
_lots of Facebook & Vimeo groups...

Thanks for all the feedback everywhere. Much appreciated!!!

Double your GH-1 bit rate with firmware hack

Alright, people say the quality is a huge step up. I have not tried it yet. Pretty exciting stuff!!!

Links and all the information:

If you don't mind four minute clip restrictions, 1080p MJPEG mode at 40Mbit is even better. Some have been enabling MJPEG 720p at 100Mbit! That's double the Canon 5D Mark II's bitrate. Amaaazing!

UPDATE 11. June 2010:
Some more links.
and Mr. Bloom:
I think I'm gonna try this out over the weekend. Excited!!!

Summary, what is means for the none-techno-geek

* Hugely better image quality. 50MBit MJPEG shows zero compression artefacts, zero mud and much more photo-like gradients, tones and textures

* It’s better looking than the 5D Mark II’s H.264 and less compressed

* MPEG 50Mbit shows low noise and the noise is of a finer grain, more film-like

* The workflow improvements are immeasurable. The 50Mbit MJPEG, this can be edited directly, no transcoding required. As for AVCHD, thanks to Tester13 the native 24p can go straight into Log & Transfer without pulldown or deinterlacing work. Before I was waiting around 6 or 7 hours per project for Voltaic to transcode and deinterlace the GH1’s AVCHD to ProRes. Now the same amount of footage can be done in one step in Final Cut Pro Log & Transfer and takes 30 minutes.

* Non-native 24p 32Mbit AVCHD can be played back in-camera. Focus assist works in both AVCHD and MJPEG mode. It’s expected playback of native 24p AVCHD can be fixed in the near future once a patch is released by Abed.

* A JPEG is saved containing shot EXIF info, shutter speed, ISO, etc.

* The image is smoother looking and better scaled from the 12MP CMOS compared to the 5D Mark II which has 22MP to deal with. Pixel binning is in action, not line skipping.
Check this video: (download it)

Dolpo Tulku

Cant wait to see it.

Cinema trailer of the awarded documentary DOLPO TULKU - RETURN TO THE HIMALAYAS . Young shepherd leaves Dolpo with ten. He is recognized as a reincarnation. After seventeen years in Indian exile he returns to his Himalayan homeland as Dolpo Tulku, the spiritual leader of the upper Dolpo. One of the most isolated regions in the world which has preserved its Tibetan and Buddhist culture for the last 500 years, without being influenced from China or India.

All information:

Curt Morgan and his toys...

For all the tech geeks :)

They also did the Quiksilver short I posted.