San Francisco Snaps

This November I had a blast in San Francisco! I was there for the Ripcurl Search event to cover it for our show. All shot with a Olympus mjuII (they call it "Stylus Epic" in the US) on some Konica VX100 and some no-name Walgreens film. Love the organic quality of film (even of the cheapest one). Check out the whole set on myFlickr!

winter flashbacks, season 2010/11

I did edit a short little recap-clip of some last season shredding at home in Austria.
Fun times with my friends! There is a little bit more info on Vimeo.
Enjoy! :)

Tipping Barrels

A beautiful short about the Great Bear Rainforest and the issues confronting it.
A great combination of surfing and environmental journalism!

Featured on Surfers Mag

Check out a little interview with me (german only) on the Surfers Magazin website.


Thanks to SurfersMag for hitting me up!

Google+ Page

After Facebook I put this "page-thing" on Google+ too. Put me in your circles!
I will focus more on those pages than on my personal profiles...


Cali Snaps

The Quikpro NYC 2011 was followed by the Hurley Pro at Lowers.
So here are a few more snaps from there...

NYC Snaps

New set on Flickr: NYC 2011. Mostly shot with my little Olympus and some Kodak CN400BW.


I discovered this one yesterday and watched it already a couple of times. It's just so good in every aspect! Bravo Calum Macdiarmid!

Last Norway

I finished the Norway Set on Flickr with some analog b/w shots I took from time to time.


Kelly did it yesterday...
I have a couple of shots in this short edit, check it out!

San Francisco next...

The Ripcurl Search this year will take place somewhere in San Francisco. I'm leaving tomorrow at 6am from Vienna. It's gonna be exciting to see the boys in cold, sharky water ;)
It's somehow "hard" to leave this time because it's beautiful at home right now... autumn brought all those crazy colors! Would have loved to spend a few more days hiking and climbing with friends!

Never ending Norway

Hi Folks!
I used the few days I had at home to see my girl, meet some friends and even went for a little climbing session. And there are always more Norway photos to upload ;) but it's coming to an end soon... here are some of my latest favorites:

Portugal already...

We are in Portugal already and it's pumping!!! Two days of the competition are already done and the boys got barreled to the max! :) Maybe they finish everything tomorrow and then it's time to get some waves for ourselves... again!

France next...

After a few days at home in Austria I can't wait for heading over to the France for the Quik Pro.
I'm frothing for surf!!! We didn't get good surf in the States so I have great expectations for
Europe :)