Inspiring Craig Anderson

Nothing new and I bet everyone has seen this already but I just can't stop watching it over and over again. This makes me want to surf even more. Frothing!!! I'm planning a trip with friends already and I have a great feeling that it's going to be epic... more infos soon!

That wave at 2:25 is mental!

The old, the young & the sea

That's going to be the title for our upcoming project, a surf documentary about one of the most traveled route in search for waves in Europe.

Sleeping Giants

Did you ever wonder what's snowboarding like in China? Check this out, pretty inspiring stuff.

"The documentary focuses on the passion driven Chinese shredders and the key role of the Nanshan Open snowboard competition which has driven the young Chinese scene to become one of the most progressive out there."


Surf Chronicles Footage - A little clip

Last year I was following the ASP Tour for a few stops working on the TV Show "Surf Chronicles" for Red Bull. I was always working together with good friends and this made the whole experience just great! I was mainly filming and when needed I helped out in Post Production as well. Here I've put together a little clip with some of my shots but you can watch the full episodes on

It happened that on my first stop Mr. Slater won his 10th worldtitle in Puerto Rico and roughly a year afterwards he won his 11th in San Francisco. So there's some classic Slater action in this clip!

These are the stops I was filming at:
Puerto Rico, Ripcurl Pro, November 2010
Gold Coast/Australia, Quiksilver Pro, March 2011
NYC/USA, Quiksilver Pro, September 2011
Trestles/USA, Hurley Pro, September 2011
Hossegor/France, Quiksilver Pro, October 2011
Supertubos/Portugal, Ripcurl Pro, October 2011
San Francisco/USA, Ripcurl Pro, November 2011

Music: "Opium" by The New Division

Thanks for watching!