Oh Yeah updates!

My homie Michael "Oh Yeah" Olea updates his website with some new work! There is no new reel yet but everything else looks very promising :) Thumbs up man! Can´t wait to party with you in Lisboa next week!

Paris shots on myFlickr

After uploading for about a week all Paris shots are on myFlickr now. Head over and check out the set...

Buck for Mountain Dew

Love the latest work Buck did for the launch of the new Mountain Dew logo. Can´t wait to see more!!!

Music by cypheraudio!



by Harder.

Paris trip

Last week I enjoyed Paris with my girl. We were crahing in at Rag´s place (who is working at Hellohikimori for some time) and had an awesome time. Walking around, shopping, drinking, chilling and so on... Thanks for everything bro. I think I captured some great shots and will upload a Paris set on myFlickr this week.

Impressive Louvre

Rag & Julia - hungry

Available Light :)

Next stop: OFFF09 @ Lisboa

Fuel TV / New Pollution v2 by Harder

Amazing work by Justin Harder. Be sure to check out some production photos at his flickr. You´ll find also tons of inspirational work there!

Cirque Belgique

Joris Willems posted the "Cirque Belgique"-Teaser today on facebook. It´s a belgium monthly snow-, skate- & surf-TV-programm. Looks very promising. Props to the camera guys and Joris of course! Joris is a multitalented designer living in Belgium. Check out his website for more of his awesome work!