EPISODE FOUR / 4 from Kustom Footwear on Vimeo.

Nordfor sola - Teaser

Who is in for a little coldwater adventure? :)



The second trailer of Matt Kleiner's flick is out!
Inspiring. I'm gonna need a helicopter this autumn :)

WAY OF THE OCEAN: AUSTRALIA (TRAILER II) from Matt Kleiner on Vimeo.


I shot about ten rolls of Kodak Portra 400 with my Yashica T4 in Central America. I really can't wait to get them developed. Unfortunately there are not too many good labs in Austria. But I will make it to Vienna soon :)

Photo by Lucas Krainz.

Back on track!

As most of you guys know I was traveling Nicaragua & El Salvador for over two months lately.
So that's why it became a little bit quiet on this blog. I will try to post more in future. Loads of stuff happened in those two months... and tons of stuff is going to happen in the next few months!

Photo by Lucas Krainz

Photo by Lucas Krainz

We scored pretty much tons of good waves on this trip. We took a lot of photos too! Updates soon(ish). I didn't film a lot tough. But I will film even more this autumn for our next big project: The young, the old & the sea! To be honest I can't wait to start working on this! I'm really looking forward to it! Traveling for two months again from France, over Spain to Portugal and documenting the nature, people & culture.

Every once in a while I also post about cameras and/or other tech stuff on this blog too. I still get eMails on a regular basis with people asking me if they should get a certain camera or not. And some of you guys maybe know that I'm a fan of small cameras which offer a lot of cool stuff. And Sony just brought out a little camera which is groundbreaking in a lot of terms: The Sony RX100. Loads of people wrote already tons of stuff about it, so just do a search on it if you wanna know more about it.
Sony will shake up the whole camera business again with their first FullFrame SLT (the A99) soon. And later on with their first FullFrame NEX. Honestly I can't wait to see all the new announcements soon. Canon & Nikon didn't really do any innovation over the last years. I'm happy the Panasonic was there ;) ...but I'm gasping for a bigger sensor, especially for photography - so Sony will be the future!