on xplsv

Today my reel is featured on the header of xplsv.tv and if you are a subscriber of their vodcast you will automatically receive it. Nice :)

Besides that I just finished the post work for a few hundred Morocco photographs and will upload them on myFlickr soon.


Just found this via motionographer and really enjoyed it. Nice graphical and detailed piece from Santa Motion. Funny that those brazilian guys use an austrian domain to write their name in the url (sant.at).

I also was checking my stats today via google analytics and found this nice french website (ViaComIT) which linked to my portfolio too. Thanks!

Otherwise it has tons of snow here in Austria, so I better pack my stuff and get on the mountain :)

Ian Kim

When I was working in LA I had the pleasure to get to know Ian. I can say that he is the most talented drawing artist I ever met. His work is amazing. There is a lot of new work on his website. Recently he was featured on motionographer and I thought I have to give my friend a shout out too :)

Thanks for picking me up almost every weekend to get to the ocean! With that said I also have to mention Kris Wong. A very talented guy who interned at BUCK at the same time I did. He is originally from Hawaii and an awesome surfer! I really hope you guys are doing well over there and we´ll see us again in the lineup some day...

Motion Design

Nick Campbell of Digital Kitchen has some great tips on getting started in the industry. Via motionographer.com

How to Be A Motion Designer and GET PAID from Nick Campbell on Vimeo.

He also mentioned my portfolio on his blog greyscalegorilla.com
Thanks Nick! :)


I just came back from a two week Morocco surftrip. We got some nice waves and had an awesome time. I´ll put up all the pics on my flickr this week. Can´t wait to travel for waves again :)

In the meantime check out this short preview of the upcoming Jamie O´Brian movie produced by Vincent Laforet. There is some amazing cinematography in there.


My reel made it also into the reels-section on the feedhere.com (STASH) website. Great! :)

I´m done & on Motionographer

Yeah, I graduated today! So I thougt that´s a good time to start a blog haha. Let´s see what´s coming next...
A few days ago I got mentioned on motionographer in the student quickies. That´s awesome! :)