Indonesia pics on my Flickr

I started uploading photographs by Luke and me on my Flickr some time ago. Today I added some more... there are already 292 photos online which show roughly our first three weeks of the trip. So a lot more is coming ;) And I'm also working on a trip-movie. We have some really nice footage and I can't wait to show it to everybody! But I'm doing all this stuff in my spare time, so it will take some time until everything is done and online, it's a lot of work. And on the side I need to make some money too ;) It's actually a good time right now.. things are working out good jobwise. Soon I can tell you more... :)

Here are some of my favorite Indonesia photos so far:

All photos shot by Luke and me with Nikon and Panasonic gear.


October 25, 2010 at 6:21:00 PM GMT+2 adia prabowo said...

amazing! start to love your blog! :)

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