Going to Puerto Rico

Yeah! I can't believe it myself! Lucky me is going to Puerto Rico for the next two weeks working at the next ASP tour stop. I will join the team and work with some friends on an episode for Surf Chronicles, a Surfing TV Magazine by Red Bull.

I found two episodes on the web, I bet there are more online. Just look for it.

Episode 7:

Episode 1:

I'm really looking forward for this opportunity!
This event could turn out to be a historical, because Mr. Slater is on the brink of winning his 10th world title.

Alright! My stuff is packed, my board is waxed and my batteries are fully charged!

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October 28, 2010 at 8:27:00 AM GMT+2 Sebastian said...

lucky you!! Aber du hast es verdient, bin gespannt was dabei rauskommt, hauptsache du mußt nicht nur Kabel schleppen...

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