Wizard Smoke

A short skate flick done by SALAZAR Productions a motion picture collective based in Vancouver.
So good! No need for fancy motiongraphics in post :) Powdered paint, flour and natural light are the way to go. Love the flare coming in at 1:15min. The spot at 5:30 looks awesome too.

Wizard Smoke from Salazar on Vimeo.

Tech Info: "This was filmed with three Panasonic HVX200s with 35mm adaptors and Nikon primes."
Skaters: Bradley Sheppard, Alien, Nate Lacoste, Chris Connolly, Nate Roline, Stacy Gabriel, Desmond Hoostie, Mike Klinkhamer and Rob Rickaby.
Directed By Liam Mitchell
Shot By Nathan Drillot and Liam Mitchell


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