Powers Of Three

"Powers Of Three" is a surf documentary by Relentless (direction and camera work by Andy Lawrence & Mickey Smith). It´s wonderful! Three very sympathic characters, a good story in a beautiful country combined with great filming and an awesome soundtrack. This works out just great! I love it! Aside from the jet ski this would have to be surfing in one of it's purest form, surfing for the sake of the experience alone. Those guys are charging!!! Total respect to the surfers and film makers! I think I´ll watch it hundred times again. I´m inspired! This is for me surfings true face, it's pure love for the nature and not the money or fame orientated lifestyle (as often associated with pro surfing nowadays). Thank you guys!

Full movie:

And don´t miss the Bonus Footage here.
Tom Lowe Website
Fergal Smith Website

For their next feature-length documentary "Lives Of The Artists" all three guys were heading over to Tahiti. Check out the trailer it has some stunning underwater shots in it!
And then I found this one. No documentary, just pure surfing in the cold:
From Shadows "...a full blast, skin of the teeth ride through the heaviest cold water slabs in North Europe." - Michey Smith

Btw I stumbled upon this movie on Sebastian Funk's blog.


November 30, 2009 at 10:34:00 AM GMT+1 Sebastian said...

true, true... I think I watched Powers of Three already for ten times by now and still can't get enaough of it! Music, Camera Works, Colours, just perfect!!!

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