Two movies to check out...

Yesterday I was watching "Just Add Water" a documentary style surfmovie about Clay Marzo. It´s a movie by Quiksilver and won best biography at the X-Dance 09. I have to say I really liked it and it´s nicely done. After watching it you feel like you know Clay now a little bit, so I think they did a good job. :) Some amazing footage is in there. Clay is an extremely interesting character and on his surfboard almost like a cat. He pulls off some maneuvers I´ve never seen before. The only thing I didn´t really feel about the movie was that it seemed footage was coming from everywhere. But that´s normal for a biography I guess. And sometimes they chose some weird backgrounds for there interviews... But that´s it, everything else was cool and it made me wanna go surf even more! This was also the first time I saw some tilt/shift footage in a surfmovie.

The other movie I was checking out was "Stretching The Canvas" by Chase Burns. It´s all done by himself. Filming, directing and editing. I enjoyed this movie as well. The filming was cool and the editing right on! He used at least three songs I was already planning to use for a movie haha... What I like about this movie is that he also shows surfing on standard beachbreaks and not that perfect Indo barrel over and over again. Surfing for him is a spiritual thing and his movie communicates that in its own way... What I was missing was just a kind of voice I got familiar by watching his trailer a few times. I like to hear people speaking about what they think.
Chase is a cool guy and sent my one of his earlier flicks for free (I still have to check it out). Thanks man! Some day I´m going down under and gonna buy you a beer! Read an interview with Chase here!

Alright, now I look forward seeing The Drifter, the JOB movie and "Castles in the sky" (the follow-up movie of Sipping Jetstreams by Tylor Steele).


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