Lla yhennik

Salem Aleikum!

I'm back from a over four-week travel through Morocco. This was an awesome experience. Lots of things happend. We had not the best luck with the waves but nevertheless got some great shots. Now loads of work is waiting for me. I'll put pictures on Flickr asap and start working on the movie postproduction soon. I'll keep you guys posted... This movie is going to be SICK!!!


Check out my first GoPro shots (video screengrabs) ever. This test was done in the very south (Westsahara). We surfed a spot inbetween two military bases. The locals told us later that nobody ever surfed here before...


April 20, 2010 at 7:27:00 PM GMT+2 Skribl said...

Sick shots dude. I want a camera like that. It sounds like you are traveling a lot.

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