First Morocco Photographs

Alright the first photos of our trip are hitting the web. Andy just reactivated his flickr account with some nice analog stuff! Check out the Morocco set! Love the style! I should switch back to analog more often... and I will :)

I also started uploading the first photos on my flickr from our first days in Marrakech. Much more coming in the next days...

Just in case you wonder why our collective website didn't work for the last weeks we have to apologize about that. When we were leaving we had some troubles with our provider. Bad experience. We already switched to another one and the site should be back up soon. In the meantime two of us moved to London as well. Good Luck up there Andy & Tom!

EDIT 21.04.2010:
The collective website is working now:

Pictures stolen from Andys Flickr:

Me at work.

Andy & the baker on Polaroid.

Hari at work.


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