The Old, the Young & the Sea - Update #2

Hi Folks!

We are in Liencres (Cantabria) right now. Sadly the swell is dropping though... It's super hard to get "good" surf footage when your time frame at each spot is so narrow. But maybe I'm just spoilt from the ASP Events I was filming last year ;)
Almost the whole crew is going through a cold too right now. Nothing serious but not really pleasant too. I feel most healthy when I'm out there surfing some waves. The saltwater clears up my stuffed-up nose and I finally can take some deep breaths. Anyway, we scored some nice waves in the last days...

Swell forecast doesn't look too promising for the next few days. We might climb a little mountain soon and get some fresh perspective on our work :)

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Some more snapshots I took:

Outdoor office

Basque Backyard

Zarautz, Spain

Biarritz, France


Back in France

Sea & Sky

Early Mundaka


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