The Old, the Young & the Sea - Update #1

Hi Folks!

Twelve days on the road already! Time passes by pretty quickly! It's good fun with the crew. We shoot, eat & surf! Sometimes we sleep too. We got to know some great characters already and I can't wait on what's more to come! It's our last day in Vieux-Boucau, France. Later today we gonna leave to San Sebastian, Spain. I wish we had more time to shoot in every region. The flick would definitely benefit from that... but you can't have everything at once :) We give our best!

Check out our redesigned website with the first video teaser. We also have a tumblr now which we gonna use as a kind of photoblog (it's linked on the main website anyway...).
There are more stories coming asap.

Please share it if you like it - merci!

Website screenshot:

Some snapshots I took:



On the road

No chewing gum

Lea & Stefan


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