Portugal 2011/12

I had the pleasure to surf into 2012 with loads of fun in Portugal. Two weeks with friends, good food, nice waves & lots of sunshine! A few days before leaving I got a new little camera, a Olympus MJU Zoom 80 Wide. With a little bit of luck and patience you can find those little analogue point & shoot cameras for really cheap on eBay. This is my second Olympus from the MJU series and I'm really happy with it. This one plus the MJU II as the fast (f2.8) option and you are steeled for almost everything when travelling. I really do enjoy shooting film again and love the organic feel. After postprocessing to much digital photos I got a little bit tired of it. So thats why I actually started to shoot more and more film again. Shooting on film helps to stay in "the now", which allows you to remain dedicated to the moment instead of studying an LCD screen of the last shot. I think next time I even going to shoot a few rolls with one of my older SLRs. I love the fact that you never know exactly what you will get...

Check out my Flickr set. These are my favorites, shot on Lomography 400 film:

For more pictures of this trip be sure to check out Luki's Set (shot on a Canon G11) and Michi's Set (shot on an iPhone 4s).


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