Back from Norway

Hi there!
We are back since two days. This was a great road trip! It's sad that we didn't had more time to travel around, there is so much to see & do. Three weeks were just not enough. We drove over 7000km. It's a little bit sad too that we both became sick on the trip, so I couldn't do every hike I wanted and went surfing just once - but whatever, that's the way it is. I got antibiotics and a morphine cough syrup and survived ;) Norway is one of the most beautiful countries I've been to, that's for sure! I will come back!
Lot's of work to do now... First pictures coming soon on my Flickr.
Autumn will be a busy time too - lots of traveling and filming on the ASP Tour for Surf Chronicles. More infos about that soon!

Surfed Norway :)

Picture by Julia


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