Norway Roadtrip next

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Hi Folks!
It time to hit the road again! Julia and I are going to check out southern Norway for the next few weeks. This is pretty spontanious because initially we did plan tripping southern India. We got already two India visas in our passports but then things changed... I got sick and couldn't do some vaccinations, then we had some problems booking the flight and in addition there were a few other things going on which told us now it's just not about the right time to go. But the day will come for sure, sooner or later...
So Norway is our focus now! I'm psyched, I always wanted to go up there but somehow never managed it yet. We are going to drive all the way, sleep in the car & cook our own food. For sure I take lots of cameras with me. Can't wait to stand on one of those crazy cliffs looking down the beautiful fjord. I will bring a surfboard too because they have some pretty nice spots in Norway, so if it's on I'm in! :)
Hope you guys have a great summertime too!

Flickr updates

I updated my Flickr recently check it out if you haven't already.

Saalbach Hinterglemm/Austria 2, June 2011
Lots of hiking with lots of gear - sleeping on top - great sun awesomeness :)

Saalbach Hinterglemm/Austria, June 2011
Hiking some mountains in the Salzburger Land with friends.

Krieglach/Austria, May 2011

A few days at home with my girl.

Venice/Italy, Travel, May 2011
A few days in Italy, one day in the City of Bridges.

Portugal, Surf & Travel, April 2011
Two weeks of fun and great surf with my girl!


Great shot, awesome color correction and the most important thing: a strong message!
Puts me back into 2008 in NYC when I was missing it almost every day!

WE MISS YOU from fireapple films on Vimeo.