Balis wakeup call

For some time now I get great emails from Alex, a friend of mine who runs The Chillhouse in Bali, about what everyone of us can do for a better environment. He's sending them mostly to people who live in Bali, run a business there, or are just interested in it... I want to share those words with everyone because this is not just a Bali issue, it concerns every single one of us every day everywhere.

Stop complaining now and do something!

Finally he and Cri put a little website online were they share their thoughts. I highly recommend checking it out!

From the website:
"The way forward is to reinforce critical thinking, taking action, and lead by example. Only then are we entitled to criticize those who don’t play by the green rules. And if we are honest, all of us pollute in a way, some more, others less. So we all better do our part and stop complaining. If everyone swipes in front of his or her own private and business door, then the whole world is clean!"



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