I love this! Can't wait to see the whole thing!

"BUI MAREUREU BAAP as worlds divide" - FILM TRAILER from AS WORLDS DIVIDE on Vimeo.

The trailer for the documentary film BUI MAREUREU BAAP as worlds divide.

What comparisons can be made between modern-day survival methods and that of an Indigenous hunter-gatherer tribe? Have our most treasured assets changed, and key values been forgotten throughout our evolution?

The documentary film BUI MAREUREU BAAP as worlds divide challenges these questions and provokes thought pertaining to our own judicious path, as we watch filmmaker, Rob, confronted by a growing uncertainty for survival in a rapidly-changing modern environment, abandon his steady job and city-lifestyle and embark on a solo journey to a foreign land, into the unknown.

In a venture steeped in philosophical enlightenment, Rob, guided merely by survival instinct, stumbles upon a civilization that has survived independent of the outside world for thousands of years through placing inviolable importance upon the basic fundamentals that would then ensure its very existence. Inspired by this logic, it’s here, in a hunter-gatherer society of Mentawai tribes that Rob finds himself living alone for almost a year.

Throughout this tale of one mans journey to another mans land we bare witness to intriguing discovery, and immense change, as Rob, wholeheartedly embracing this foreign way of life, overcomes the difficulties of adopting the native language, the knowledge of how to gather foods, the unearthing of survival tactics, cultural beliefs, traditions, taboos and values. Before finally, forced to question his own ideologies, torn between two worlds, Rob is faced with a challenge far greater than anything he’d ever experienced that would alter his life forever.


April 6, 2011 at 1:56:00 AM GMT+2 Joseph Privott said...

I'm really looking forward to this as well. Different faces experiencing the same culture will help flesh out their story. Hopefully their increasing notoriety won't jeopardize their lifestyle though; I guess time will tell.

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