From Australia to Austria

Alright, the boys are back in town! For quite some time already to be honest ;) Filming the Goldcoast ASP stopp was a great experience - again. I learn every time when traveling with those guys. Thanks Helli and Matthias for the sick trip! Can't wait for the next ;)
We got to know some nice new friends and ate thai food excessively. Great! Just the waves could have been a little bit better, but I'm not complaining! We caught some nice ones!

Helli & Parko

GoPro fun down under

More pictures on myFlickr.

Back in Austria I try to spent some last days on the mountains. Snow is melting fast... Good times anyway! Right now I also have some time to edit Indo2010 footage. Everyone is asking for the movie... I know it's about time but it also claims a massive amount of time doing it. Soon...

Oh and Red Bull finally set up a Surf Chronicles page: you will find all episodes there (right now headlines and episode are not matching sometimes, but I guess they will fix this asap).


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