Back again...

Alright, back in Austria since two days. Feels like I was not really on a trip for two months. Same same here. Though there are some new things I'll blog about soon... It's good to see family and friends again, but I miss the ocean already. Luke and me had a really good time in Indonesia. We were productive as well and a little tripmovie is coming sometime in the next few months. I have a really good feeling about it :) Can't wait to start working on it.
But before I'll start on this one I have to process and upload some more pictures from our Morocco trip in March this year - there are some sick ones missing...
Can't wait for the next trip! :P
There are already some sweet destinations in my mind...

My fellows from Bubbles&Bones were productive as hell too. Andy & Tom are rocking London supergood. I have to visit them soon. Check out Andys latest shirt and buy one here! I saw some updates on our website and blog too. Nice!!!
Andy, a multitalent he is, stated a nice blog about his surfboard shaping passion. As green as possible!!! Check all the good stuff out here!

Screenshot of Flagg Silver Surfboards

Last but not least I spotted this one, can't believe it ;) Yeah Larry - keep this running and have a good time in Indonesia the next four weeks! Pull in!!! :)


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