The World Wanderer Gregor Sieböck

I just finished a book about "The World Wanderer" Gregor Sieböck. He is an inspiring guy from Austria who walked around the world to present alternatives for simple and sustainable living.
I simply love it!

Sadly it's only available in German so far. Let's hope they gonna translate it into some other languages soon.
Recently there was also a documentary about his journey released. Done by Martin Hasenöhrl who visited Gregor several times with his videocamera. I have to order this one...

Just a short clip from the documentary (german only):

Trailer "DER WELTENWANDERER" from Martin Hasenöhrl on Vimeo.

"On foot around the world, a simple life in respect of nature and other living beings: Should that only be a dream? I have already been walking 17.500 km in three years to present alternatives for simple and sustainable living. Now I will continue, this time mostly together with good friends. This tour is dedicated to the CROSSROADS in our life. We are at a crossroads, because our consumption oriented lifestyle is reaching its limits. It is time to make an ecologically and socially responsible decision on which path to follow. How can that happen? If we decide to take the first step already today then we are on the right path."


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