Saalbach - Milan - Marrakech

Hi folks!
In two weeks I'm leaving for Morocco. Hari & me are gonna travel West Africa with cameras and surfboards for over a month. Exciting!!! (More info about it coming soon.)
We are already in Saalbach doing some camera tests and working on getting some nice mountain shots. All good here.

A few days ago I entered a photocompetition and almost made it onto the cover of the new catalog with my shot "Interamericana". They told me it was veeery close... Check out their blog-entry here.

Besides that I'm also almost done with my little Panama movie. This should be online soon. Finally... it's really time :)


February 24, 2010 at 9:35:00 AM GMT+1 wrlk said...

have a nice trip buddies!! i'm jealous, hope also we can do sth like that together in the future! take care.

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