Little Black Wheels

Another wonderful interview over at of Filmmaker Mick Waters.
I love his vibe again. These guys are mindblowing. Simply enjoying life!

"‘Little Black Wheels’ was an afterthought. My family and I traveled across Australia for five months in 2007. There were never any intentions to make a film as such, we just went on a road trip. Of course, I took my camera gear, and what you see in the movie is the result of our journey and the people we met. It wasn’t until months into our trip that I imagined there might be a film amongst it all. The final seeds were sewn when I finally had the chance to view all the footage properly when we got home. There isn’t much room for editing and the like when you’re traveling in a campervan with your pregnant wife, two-year-old daughter, dog and yourself."

"There are also some not so beautiful aspects in the world as well, but most of that is due to humans blowing it. I figure the trick is to find and concentrate on the positives and stay stoked on life and how great we have things today. I see beauty in everyday life and the little things that make it beautiful, like a smile or cuddle from my kids, an early morning sunrise, surfing good barrels, peacocks in the backyard, a beer or seven with friends and family, listening to vinyl records or a nice meal with my wife. Being aware of how good we have it compared to others and acknowledging that makes it easier to find beauty."


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