Last weekend hike

Last weekend was almost depressing. Especially on Sunday. Such a nice weather, good snow here in Austria but no chance for me to get to the mountains for snowboarding. I mean I own a seasonticket!!! Damn! All that because I don't own a car and friends either had no time or were sick. But lucky me lives in a nice house here in Salzburg (during my job at Red Bull) were I can just go behind it and hike up the mountain till the Gaisberg Spitze. I'm really happy I did so on Sunday. Due the bad weather on Saturday I didn't hike up to the top just until the Gersberg Alm.
Fortunately I could grab a nice Nikon D300 with kitlens from my buddy Birgar for taking some shots! Awesome camera! I really liked it and it performed superb in the cold conditions. I mean it was freezing. The water I took with me on the two hour hike was frozen when I arrived up there!!! And as so often when doin photography in wintertime I didn'd feel my finger when triggering the shutter! Yeah! So actually the weekend wasn't so bad :)

Here the new Flickr set (the dark pictures are from the bad weather Saturday).
Check out some of my favorite photos form that hike:

View from our house

Gaisberg hike on Sunday

Gersberg Alm hike on Saturday


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