Stuff done by friends

I´m back at home for a few days now. For sure I gotta check out what was going in the last two months, also in the world of design. I just saw a very nice presentation movie for "Urban TV" a new Music TV Channel by Universal Music done by my friends at Eat My Dear in Vienna. Though it reminds me a little bit on their MTV Brandstory movie (maybe because of the sphere or because all the action is going on very centered with almost no camera movement) I really like it. Cool work guys!
Check out the movie on their website!

Screenshot: "Urban TV" by Eat My Dear

Then there is a nice intro for the upcoming Nutchriders (a local austrian skatecrew) skateflick done by Simon Griesser. This one turned out great too!
Click here to see it on his website!

Screenshot: "All you can hate" by Simon Griesser

And then there is my old shreddbuddy Pole. He dropped really deep into photography over the last years at gets better every day.
Check out his work: Erwin Polanc Portfolio!

Screenshot: Erwin Polanc Website


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