Pierre Wikberg

Pierre Wikberg revolutionized the snow-movie business back in 2001 when working with the Robot Food crew. His filming style and approach to show the riders was extremly fresh. Until this time I was thinking that "Simple Pleasures" 1997 & "Decade" 1998 by MDP were THE movies :)
But Pierre put the whole thing to the next level. Today I still love his old movies. Makes me wanna go on the mountains.

Check out this clip Pierre edited together in 2002.

Most of the footage is from :
Sensored - A film he did with Daniel Franck.
Transcendence - Absinthe´s 2001 release.
Afterbang - First Robot Food movie from 2002

Check out his blog, flickr and twitter (I´m not really into that ;))
Interviews here, here & here.

Awesome album with nostalgic clips on Vimeo by Pierre. I personally love Peter Line´s run back in 1994 :)

Today he is filming with DC and working on a full lenght video.


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