Surf Photography

My online friend Morgan Maassen is a young photographer from Santa Barbara/California. You can see a huge portion of love in all his photographs. He really lives it!!! It´s just stunning to browse through his flickr stream. I guess he is shooting photos every day. He is also a filmmaker and has his own blog too. All really worth checking out. C´mon Morgan, let´s start a project together! :)

Morgan Maassen 1

Morgan Maassen 2

Morgan Maassen 3

Morgan Maassen 4

Morgan Maassen 5

Morgan Maassen 6

But there is so much more great surf/water photography out there:
Stuard Gibson´s website is totally worth checking out. He´s a photog from Tasmania, Australia and captured some of the nicest shot´s if seen.

Stuard Gibson 1

Stuard Gibson 2

Stuard Gibson 3

Stuard Gibson 4

And then there is a guy calledmutenostrilsyndrome on flickr. His set "Watershots" is just amazing!!!

mutenostrilsyndrome 1

mutenostrilsyndrome 2

mutenostrilsyndrome 3


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