Vitaly Kiselev Interview (the GH1/GF1 hacker) had the pleasure to interview the famous GH-1/GF-1 hacker Vitaly Kiselev aka tester13.

A good read, I recommend it to everyone interested in filmmaking with VDSLRs. Personally I haven't found time to hack my GH-1 yet, but I will for sure. My next project will be at least in 50mbps/4:2:2 instead of the shipped 17mbps/4:0:0 ;) Can't wait for that.

Vitaly Kiselev...
...about the potential of the GH-1:
"I mean that Panasonic amazingly lost the VDSLR battle to Canon, having a much better camera. :-)"
...about the Fullframe Canons:
"... All this FF fans really need ideas for their films, not shallow DOF."

Read the whole interview here. screenshot

On my last trip to Indonesia I was still filming with my unhacked GH-1. Got some really cool footage. Luke and me also mount one of those small GoPro cameras on our surfboard on some surfsessions. This looks superfun. Can't wait to show it to you guys! I started already working on the movie. Sorting footage, transcoding and so on. I think this is going to be a fun little tripmovie.
With that said there should be a firmware update out soon for the GoPro HDs as well. 24fps, 25fps and 50fps ist waiting, and maybe some codec improvements. Who knows? I'm looking forward to that update. It's just such a fun little camera to play with.

Hmm what else? Maybe Canon just released my dream point&shoot camera, the Powershot S95. It has almost everything I was missing on the prior model the S90. Heavy price though ... but as always it will drop soon. I have to check it out.


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